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Rental property in DaitoHome

Rental properties in Rochelle Series One Room Apartments DaitoHome are introduced.
Rochelle Series features the many and spacious loft apartment with in walking distance from the station.
One Room Apartments offers an easy way to provide a low-rent location convenient to consider the move when we ask that you please put the candidate on all accounts.
Name Station No Renting fee Possible
Daito Plaza 1st Sagamiono 106 45,000 Immediate
Rochelle Kamitsuruma 4-2 Sagamiono 208 45,000 Immediate
Coop Nagisa Sagamiono 403 40,000 Feb Early
Rochelle Chiyoda Yabe 101 33,000 Immediate
Lemon Home 1 Kobuchi 102 32,000 Feb Late
La Chance Hashimoto 26-1 Hashimoto 103 53,000 Mar Mid