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DaitoHome corporation.DaitoHome corporation., founded in 1985 to the current land Onodai Sagamihara, expand the number of the residential construction, Residence and One Room Apartments is now a construction company building a lot.

For us and the One Room Apartments, the apartment management to seriously consider our business to be a significant investment to achieve better asset management.
At the same time, being simple investment, t think that you always make room for a long time love and the passion to create buildings.

World recession of unprecedented scale, long-term low interest rates and deteriorating corporate earnings and slowdown in spending, the public pressure is growing more and more just.
I want the retirement age a little bit rich so I think I want a life without pain is not strange.

DaioHome corporation. will help you in your asset management, as well as partners to ensure that the housing picture will no longer together to streamline their operations.

Company Profile

Trade Name
DaitoHome corporation.

Head Office
6-20-14 Onodai Minami-ku Sagamihara Kanagawa 252-0331

October 1985

10,000,000 yen

Hironao Ishikawa


Realty business license
Kanagawa (9) No.14286

Construction permits
Kanagawa (General-28) No.43205

Financing Banks
Kiraboshi Bank Kobuchi.bra,Yokohama Bank Machida.bra

Business Principles
Housing and One Room Apartments Planning, design, construction, sales

Wednesdays and Sundays and Public Holidays

9:00 - 18:00

Tel : 042-754-1440 Fax : 042-757-4106