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Welcome to DaitoHome corporation.

'One Room Apartment' by DaitoHome corporation.Welcome to DaitoHome official website.

DaitoHome corporation. plans, designs, constructs
the residence which is superior,
the investment articles such as houses and stores including
'One Room Apartment' and 'Rochelle series',
and is selling it.

Please examine the residence which is superior,the apartment investment with high asset value.

Oonodai Showroom

'Oonodai Showroom' by DaitoHome corporation.We opened a pool showroom in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Please note, reservation is required.
Please contact us if you would like to visit.

Please see here for the showroom image.clicking this.

Everyone can become an owner.

'One Room Apartment' by DaitoHome corporation.The capital can become an owner in the apartment even in the person who is not possession and the company employee as long as there is a desire little one and land.

Please see the site, and examine it by all means.

Something different from the current capital operation might be able to be found.

Please my best regards.

Entirely we design & operate.

'One Room Apartment' by DaitoHome corporation.As for the residence of My company, we operate design our.

Feeling at rest, various you devise in order to live and you consider.

The sale residence clicking this.

The lease residence clicking this.

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  • Jan 01, 2023
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