Forget about everyday life and enjoy an exquisite moment.

A resort house with a superb view of the ocean and swimming pool, located in Akiya, Yokosuka City.
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an elegant moment with your loved ones in your own private space.
Escape from everyday life and refresh your mind and body with the best view at a superb resort.

Introduction of Daito Home

Daito Home plans, designs, constructs, sells, and manages luxury detached houses with swimming pools,
studio apartments, condominiums, stores, and rental properties.
Please consider our luxury detached houses with swimming pools in superb resort areas with excellent
facilities and living environment, and apartment management with high asset value.


If you are interested in luxury detached homes with pools in resort areas, please contact Daito Home coporation.
We have a showroom of detached houses with swimming pools near our company, so please visit our showroom to see what we have to offer.


Asset mgmt

There are many ways to invest in assets, including stock investments and foreign exchange margin trading.
It is very important to know how to acquire knowledge and experience and what choices to make when starting asset management.

Asset Management


Buying an apartment and renting it out to generate rental income is apartment management.
Apartment management is a relatively easy real estate investment to start because the rental income earned can be used to repay a mortgage.

Apartment Management

Construction Examples

List of Examples

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