Asset mgmt

To begin asset management

Long-term low interest rates and high prices, retirement is full of uncertainty.
It is difficult to live on public pensions alone.
Become knowledgeable about asset management to eliminate anxiety.

There are various methods of asset management, but each method requires knowledge and experience, and you could get seriously burned if you take the easy way out.

How you acquire this knowledge and experience, and the choices you make, are very important as you begin to manage your assets.

There are many ways to manage your assets.
It is important to know how to manage your assets so that your worries about retirement disappear.

Asset mgmt with BondsBond investments including individual government bonds, foreign bonds, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds
Asset mgmt with Investment TrustDiversified risk investment, need to grasp the risk and nature of the fund.
Asset mgmt with Foreign Currency DepositsProfit from exchange gains between yen and foreign currencies.
Asset mgmt with Foreign ExchangeLarge profits can be expected from foreign exchange gains and interest rate differentials.
Asset mgmt with Stock InvestmentA variety of investments are available, including cash and futures, trading and options trading.
Asset mgmt with Variable InsuranceVariable annuities for investment type insurance are attractive products.
Asset mgmt with Commodity FuturesAsset management through commodity investments such as precious metals, crude oil, and grains.
Asset mgmt with OffshoreInvestment of funds in tax havens abroad.
Asset mgmt with Realestate InvestmentInvestment of assets in real estate, including apartment management.

Our company proposes apartment management from “real estate investment”, one of the asset management methods.
We propose apartment management in an integrated style, from the purchase of land to the construction of apartments, so no particular knowledge or experience is required.
Apartment management is an effective asset management that can wipe out worries about retirement because it generates stable rental income in the future.
In addition, the rental income can be used to pay off the mortgage, and the remainder will remain as profit, and after the loan is paid off, you will own the land and building without collateral.
Apartments are also advantageous when sold as business properties, and can be of great use for further advancement.