Now is the time for apartment management!

Apartment management refers to earning rental income by buying and renting apartments.
It is a relatively easy real estate investment to start, because you can repay the mortgage with the rental income even if you purchase the property with a mortgage.
It can be said to be a method of asset management and formation that offers a variety of other benefits.
Recently, the number of people considering apartment management as a mainstay of asset management has been increasing significantly.

Gains from low interest rates!

In Japan's long-term low-interest-rate environment, depositing your valuable funds in the bank pays only a small amount of interest.
In addition to interest rates on deposits, the yen continues to depreciate, making it difficult to effectively manage assets on hand.

However, low interest rates mean that mortgage interest rates are also low when purchasing an apartment, making it possible to purchase an apartment at a lower total price.

Land prices are expected to rise further in the future, and although the price of construction materials has stabilized compared to a period of time, it still has the potential to rise as well, so now may be the right time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Rental apartment management is not easily affected by the economy and is very stable for those who seek it.

Now is the time for apartment management!

We recommend managing a studio apartment!

Not every apartment can be an effective asset management tool.
We recommend the “studio apartment” as an effective asset management option.
There are many advantages of studio apartments.
- Small land is not a problem!
- You only need a small amount of capital!
- You can own land conveniently located near a train station for the rest of your life!
- You don't have to provide parking space on the property!
- You can earn lucrative rental income even if the size of the property is small!
There are many other attractive features of studio apartments.
We carefully study the surrounding environment of the land and build attractive apartments in locations that tenants prefer.